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Arkadi Tedresaar

  • CH Switzerland
  • 1974
Arkadi Tedresaar

Biography & exhibitions:

Empty wall bores me. 


I use paints to disrupt the purity of the blank canvas with shapes and colors, featuring very loosely interpreted silhouettes prominently. I've lived my whole life surrounded with theater, art and beauty, - things I find the most meaningful inspiration. While suffering, weakness, and ugly emotions attempt to join the joy of abandon with color to create bold, bright, daring pieces. Experience is a virtue. Looking at my work puts you inside a moment to experience the laughter, the sadness, the confusion, the heartbreak, the fear and the bliss shared in a single expression. The colors, lines, and shapes I use seek to emulate how imperfect they seem in today's digital society. 


What you see is what you get. 

2014 Arkadi Tedresaar creates an Art-loft Zurich and lives/works since 2020 as well in his hometown Tallinn.
In 2021 an additional line is created called Crazy Art Loft.


February / March 2022
Milano & Fuerteventura M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY
International Art Exhibition "F**K U"

Dezember 2022
International Art Exhibition
opening GAUDI ROOM