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Dove and the Wolf

  • CH Switzerland
  • 2016
  • Painter
Dove and the Wolf

Biography & exhibitions:

The world of today is very difficult to understand and difficult to adjust to. The only thing that helps us understand it is the education we give our children. The more extensive it is, the better chance they have of becoming useful to society and thereby securing a prosperous, stable future. This simple truth was instilled in us by our parents when they mentored us.

Unfortunately, not all children have a family and good mentors who can provide them with quality education or deepen their knowledge in certain subjects.

Education for all children, especially orphans and disadvantaged children, is the gateway to their future.

"Education for Futire Foundation is keen to ensure that through our joint efforts, these children get a perspective and hope for a decent life. 

All funds raised from the sale of merch will be used to support the foundation.